Premium Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon



Weight approx. 1.5-2 KG/pc


Tasmania produces the worlds purest, most sustainable Salmon. Check our prices – 30% cheaper than supermarkets! Buy a 1 KG fillet and SAVE.

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Our Atlantic Salmon is sourced from the wild west coast of Tasmania where the remote wilderness of the Franklin-Gordon Rivers collides with the pure icy cold waters of the Great Southern Ocean. Extremely high in essential Omega 3 fatty acids, the health benefits of this multiple award-winning fish are matched only by its smooth, velvety flavour and delicate texture. Shipped directly to 39°South every week.

With no landmass, human habitation or activity south of Tasmania; the environment is pristine and the cleanest on earth. Tasmania produces the finest Salmon & is also recognised as one of the world’s most sustainably certified aquaculture zones.
Available in Modified atmosphere packs of 2 x 130gm pre-cut portions skin on and boneless for an extended shelf-life, or as a whole vacuum packed fillet, skin on and boneless. One whole fillet can feed 6-8 people or more. Buy more and pay less.

Tasmanian Atlantic salmon

Whole skin on fillet 1.5-1.6kg, Whole skin on fillet 1.6-1.7kg, Whole skin on fillet 1.7-1.8kg, Whole skin on fillet 1.8-1.9kg, Whole skin on fillet 1.9-2kg


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