Spencer Gulf “Hiramasa” Kingfish

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Skin on boneless Kingfish Loins and Skinless boneless whole Kingfish Fillets

Powerful in the water, delicate on the plate. Kingfish is the new Salmon – try it once and you will be convinced. 

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Native to the waters off South Australia, Spencer gulf Hiramasa King fish are quite simply exquisite. Fast, powerful predators in the sea, yet delicate on the plate. Considered by Japanese sushi masters as among the best fish in the world for sashimi, our Hiramasa kingfish cannot be surpassed when eaten raw. The taste is sublime, sweet and fresh with a delicate finish. When cooked in any multitude of ways it maintains its character while infusing other complex flavours.
(Served as sashimi allow for 50-70 gm/person/fish, or 14 gm per slice)

Prepared as sushi/sashimi, ceviche, pan fried, BBQ, steamed or baked, Hiramasa King fish is highly versatile and never disappoints. For a fantastically delicious, healthy and versatile fish…this is it!

Spencer Gulf Hiramasa King fish have excellent third-party sustainability accreditation from 2 of the most respected international bodies in aquaculture; Friend of the Sea and The Marine Stewardship Council.

“Sensory Fresh. Fresh like fresh,
but with the convenience of frozen”

Clean Seas Liquid Nitrogen Rapid Freezing is world’s best practice for freezing high value, premium seafood. 

It all gets down to speed. To retain the optimum texture, the ice formation stage must be completed quickly. Commercial freezing typically takes 240 minutes to reach that stage, but Clean Seas’ new Liquid Nitrogen Rapid Freeze technology does it in around 17 minutes or 14 times faster! This greatly reduces the formation of ice crystals within and around the cell structure of the fish, which cause moisture loss (dry tasting fish), and a mushy soft feel to the meat.

Capturing the colour, aroma and flavour is achieved by reaching -35°C quickly. Which conventional freezing can’t do. Clean Seas Rapid Freezing reaches core temperature of -50°C to -70°C and surface temperature of -95°C

With the characteristic pinky white flesh and bright red bloodlines all there to see, you’ll find very little evidence the fish was ever frozen. 
You’ll also find the fish has retained the wonderful salty smell of the sea, as if it had just been pulled from the Spencer Gulf.
The fish will be firm to the touch and hold both its shape and distinctive texture when you slice it. 
Whether enjoyed in Sushi or Sashimi, or cooked in any of a thousand ways, Sensory Fresh delivers all the sensory pleasures that has made Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish the choice of Sushi masters and leading chefs around the world.

For best results

We recommend defrosting in the refrigerator at 4°C (or the coldest part of your refrigerator) for 12 to 16 hours for optimum results. Simply remove from pouch and pat dry. Wrap in paper towel and store in airtight container in refrigerator. The product can be stored for use for up to 3 days once the pack is opened after defrosting, or 7 days if left unopened in the original pack.

Skin on boneless Kingfish Loins and Skinless boneless whole Kingfish Fillets

Skin off boneless whole Kingfish fillets approx. 1.1kg, Skin on boneless loins (2 pieces) 400gm, Skin on boneless loins (3-4 pieces) 700gm

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