Southern Bluefin Tuna


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Hailed by Sushi/Sashimi masters as the pinnacle of raw fish

Guaranteed to be the highest quality Blue Fin in Thailand.

Our Southern Bluefin Tuna is sold in pre-cut skinless, boneless portions. Each will contain varying amounts of Akami, Chutoro & Otoro – the most prized cuts for Sushi & Sashimi. The Belly pieces are 100% Otoro!

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Regarded as the highest-grade Blue Fin Tuna in Japan, Southern Bluefin Tuna are celebrated as the pinnacle of Sashimi & Sushi cuisine whilst boasting the maximal degree of fat and flavor. From the world’s most sustainable Bluefin fishery our Southern Bluefin are ethically managed to ensure wild fish numbers are increasing. With a mouthfeel of foie gras and a flavour profile that only a luxurious level of natural animal fat can give, the Southern Bluefin Tuna is one of nature’s truly amazing culinary experiences.

Each pack comes with the Akami, Chu-toro and Otoro cuts of the fish, skinless and boneless & ready to eat once properly defrosted in the refrigerator for 12-16 hours.
Employing cutting edge cryogenic freezing technology, the core temperature of the fillets is reduced to -60°C in less than 20 minutes, preventing ice crystal formation, cell damage and moisture loss. This process guarantees your Tuna will taste, smell, look and feel like it was just caught!

Southern Bluefin Tuna are the bullets of the deep blue Southern Ocean. They swim at speeds up to 70km/h whilst feeding. Burning energy rapidly they are always on the hunt for food and can consume up to a quarter of their body weight in a single day.

This feeding regime results in extensive fat deposits throughout their muscles which are categorized into 3 distinct cuts: Akami, the ruby red delicate upper loin with a clean bright flavor & color; Chu-toro, the medium fat lower belly is slightly paler & firmer than akami with a clean, rich, full flavor;Otoro, Pinkish white this isthe fattiest part of the Bluefin Tuna, marbled so it resembles Kobe beef. It shines when raw and has a sweet, rich buttery taste with a delightful yielding texture.

Akami, Chu-toro and Otoro all deliver fantastic results when cooked. Whether grilled pan fried or baked, cooked rare/medium rare is recommended to contrast the rich semi cooked robust flavors with the sweet delicate notes of this fish. The hero of any meal.

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Southern Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin belly Otoro 200-300gm, Bluefin belly Otoro 300-400gm, Bluefin Belly Otoro 400-500gm, Mixed Akami & Chutoro piece 220-240gm, Mixed Akami & Chutoro piece approx. 1kg


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